Dental Bonding in Bucktown

What is Dental Bonding

What happens if you chip a tooth? Or maybe there's some discoloring between your teeth?

Luckily, Cortland Smiles offers a cosmetic dental solution in case that happens. Dental bonding is procedure that repairs teeth. It also helps with discolored, gaps between the enamel and even lengthening your shorter than rest tooth hat’s expression of itself through this simple yet effective technique!

A more natural look can make all the difference in keeping your confidence while improving the appearance of your teeth. Bonding is an in-and-out procedure that doesn’t even require anesthesia unless you also need a filling or more extensive work.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • Repairs chipped or cracked teeth
  • Improves discolored teeth
  • Closes gaps between teeth
  • Lengthens one or more teeth
  • Reshapes one or more teeth
  • Protects an exposed tooth root

Bonding is a safe and effective solution that can often be completed in just one visit. To find out if bonding may be right for you, contact Cortland Smiles.

Dental Bonding in Bucktown - Cortland Smiles

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