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6 Ways to Get Your Calcium

Calcium is an important mineral for building strong, healthy teeth. Not everyone can tolerate the lactose found in dairy, which is often a prime source for calcium.

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Are You an Appropriate Candidate for Dental Implants?

Our patients primarily seek out dental implants for two reasons: cosmetic and oral health.

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What Vegetarians and Vegans Need to Know About Their Teeth

While there are numerous benefits of following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, your teeth depend on certain nutrients to remain strong and healthy.

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Can Teething Affect More Than My Child’s Mouth?

Here are some of the things to expect during teething, and some that are often attributed to teething, but are better discussed with your child’s doctor.

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Teething Tips for Toddlers

Most teeth begin to appear as early as 3 moths to 1 year old. This process can be uncomfortable and cause sleepless nights.

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Self- Care: A Woman’s Priority

Smile restoration can take years off your appearance while adding years to your life by improving your health.

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